Tuesday, 8 January 2013

CES 2013 Unveiled Top Gadgets

CES 2013 tech show started at Las Vegas. I love CES.
Toady  International Consumer Electronic Show(CES) Unveiled The best Gadgets at CES 2013.

Lenovo introduced  27-inch IdeaCentre Horizon Tablet pc. wow.....thats cooool.


Hauwei Ascendmate 6.1 inch Phablet look so Great Check out the ultimate Features HERE


Iphone Sculpteo 3DPCas  featuring Two face looking each other

Intel vice President of F clients Group,Kirk Skaugen Showing Acer Aspire Detachable Ultrabook.

A 12-button Gila GX Gaming Series mouse From Genius

 Samsung Executive Vice President Shows Samsung New 55-inch Ultra HD telivision

Yurbuds Sports Ear Phone at Las Vegas

Sony NEX-F700 Ultra Camcorder

SL shows Usain Bolt themed Headphones at CES


Lenovo inroduced Lenovo thinkpad Mobile Monitor.

LG Ultra HD 44-inches telivision

source: CES 2013.

Show your interest,Post Your Best Gadget we will post Full details about your best Gadget.

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